Privacy Policy

The Wall values the importance of protecting the privacy of identity and information. To earn your confidence we are disclosing our privacy policy. Whatever personal information The Wall collects about its users, it will maintain highest standard of security. You will also be able to use our website without providing personal information. However, if you want to post comments on any article, to get newsletter and to participate in our forum, you have to register. Your personal information will not be shared with any third party unless under legal compulsion. Information collected by The Wall will only be utilised for official purposes, internal assessment and betterment of the website content. In no situation it will be used for commercial purposes. The site users are requested not to disclose confidential information such as security passwords, credit card numbers etc. The Wall will not remain responsible for any misuse of any information in any circumstances Any reproduction, lifting or copying of content or section of content from The Wall will attract legal action.